Running Entourage, syncing with iCal, then to iPhone, off MS Exchnage server. MBP, iCal, and iPhone all set yo MST right now, all set up with time zone support.

I live in the Mountain Time Zone(MST). I am going to the Pacific Time Zone(PST) for a trip. I am setting up calender items while in MST for things that will happen when I am in PST. If I need to be somewhere at 4:30p PST, I am making the item for 2:30p MST. Will this work correctly when I get to PST and plug into an internet connection.

Things I am considering:
- I have some items that are happening in MST that I need to call in to, IE conference call at 8:00a MST, 10:00a PST
- iPhone may move to PST automatically?
- MBP may move to PST automatically?
- since on MS Exchange, the items synced may show up in PST if the above two devices move to PST?

Am I planning this correctly? I don't want to spend the first night in the hotel re-timing everything. Any tips, things I should change about my set-up?

Thanks for the help!.