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    Help - My Dashboard is gone from Applications!
    Ok, I dragged it from the Dock, to the desktop,
    got the puff of smoke and it was gone.

    So I went to Applications to retrieve it so I could put it back into the Dock, and it's not there. ???

    All I see is Dashboard & Expose', but not Dashboard alone, with that normal gauge symbol.

    Where did it go? I am SO in the dark.
    Any help would be much appreciated!!

    in Florida

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    Help - My Dashboard is gone from Applications!

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    Are you SURE it's not in the Applications folder??

    If you didn't delete it yourself, it wouldn't disappear by itself.
    (And dragging Dashboard off the Dock won't delete it in the Apps folder either.)

    Try doing a search for Dashboard in Spotlight. (click in the top right corner)

    As for "Dashboard & Exposé," are you talking about in System Preferences??
    If so, System Prefs has nothing to do with your current issue.
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