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    Photoshop Elements on MacBook
    I currently have an iBook G4 14" and am happy with it other than the screen quality. It's washed out and not very bright (in comparison with todays laptop screens at least).

    So I was thinking about upgrading to a MacBook or MacBook Pro.

    I mostly surf, email and edit digital photos using Photoshop Elements.

    So are there any users out there who edit their photos on a MacBook (I don't just mean reducing redeye, I mean unsharp masks, layers etc etc) and do they find the MacBook 13" screen big enough and good enough to do that kind of thing.

    If so then I don't want to waste another 500 on a MacBook Pro!!


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    Photoshop Elements on MacBook
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    i use photoshop elements (and a few other image editing programs), and while obviously a 15" or 17" screen would be preferable, the 13" macbook screen is completely adequate due to it's clarity and great resolution.

    edit: i should also note that i keep my dock on the left to give myself a little more vertical real estate.
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    THanks Eric. I guess a MacBook would do more than fine, however, if you're spending 800 on a new bit of kit, might it be worth saving the extra and getting something that will allow you to do more with it (ie with a larger screen).

    I guess that's the million dollar (or in this case, 500) question

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