Sometime back I changed from Entourage to the Mac's Mail program and a odd problem developed at that time with duplicated emails. I have to explain the unique email situation below:
I run a business and have multiple emails. I have a web site hosted on a web server. My two web sites are and These web sites are separate but since they are on the same web server they share email. For example I have sales as a email so there's and A customer can email me at either of these two emails but technically since it's the same web server it's stored in the same space. For example if someone sends a email to if I were to only check it would show up there. When I get a email I can tell which email address it was sent to (consulting or distributor) which helps. I could simply set it up to just check for example but then I am unable to send a email from I also have a info, mweigl, and techsupport email.
It does the duplicate emails with all of these email addresses (8 total) but I also have a personal pop account that's just one email and it doesn't do it for these so I know it's related to the above situation. When I first used Entourage it seemed I had a similar problem but no longer have that. Is there any way around this? I don't see where I have Mail set up to leave email on a server so it seems once it checks for example when it checks that email should be gone.