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Thread: using xcode

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    using xcode

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    using xcode
    So i wrote a program for one of my classes using visual basic. someone said i could use xcode as well and i was wondering how. i've looked at it, but can't figure out what type of project to use(empty or ???). all i know is that in VB, we chose a "win32" project that was empty. I've got my c code but im just not sure what to do with it. any suggestions?

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    I haven't done a lot with xcode, just played a bit with it. For sure, you can't create a win32 application, because that one uses the windows API.

    What you would have to know is, if it's a C or C++ project you are supposed to build. Xcode is just the whole development environment for mac and you can do a whole bunch of different things (C, C++, cocoa and also java afaik - just to mention a few). So just create an empty C/C++ project. That will pick the right libs and compiler for you and it should work...

    If I remember it right I had quite some examples coming with xcode. You might want to look into those as well.

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    using xcode
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    gFortran integrated into xcode
    Has anyone crack the code on how to use the xcode frontend to compile gFortran source code. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanx

    The Math Guru

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