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    Garmin Rhino software
    Alright folks, my parents are looking at getting a laptop. They travel and use a Garmin Rhino for navigation. (GPS unit, hand held with I think a built in radio, etc.) Anyway. They want to know if the Garmin software will work on a MacBook. I have no clue and the website is utterly useless. They list no requirements for the software AT ALL.

    The closest I can find to system requirements is a mention of Internet Explorer as being required to view something (not entirely sure what, they are VAGUE).

    Does anyone have any idea either what software these things are requiring and if it would work on a MacBook without having to dual boot/install Windows?

    (Vague question I know.)
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    I don't know if Garmin is a huge company or not or, if they are big, how is their client service or, again, if they have a user forum. What I would do is try to email them to ask or, if they do have a user forum, I would post there and ask.

    But I can tell you one thing: if they insist upon Internet Exploder, looks pretty grim right off the bat for Mac compatibility...

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    Garmin Rhino software
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    It's possible
    There is also an official Garmin GPS software but it's only for the fitness range I believe......
    Also From Garmins' own site
    looks great too
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    Looks like Garmin is finally taking the Mac seriously. I spotted a beta program for Mac at their website. WebUpdater For Mac.

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