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    Unhappy re: Shockwave won't load into Safari, even when Safari is in Rosetta mode.
    Can anyone tell me what to try next? I've tried manually removing all applications concerned with Shockwave and then re-installing it while Safari was in Rosetta mode; but no use.

    I had tried installing it previously, without putting S into R mode; because I didn't know any better (I am a windows veteran, just switching over to the MAC platform after numerous decades); so perhaps I didn't get all the pieces of the first downloaded plug-in attempt..... (there are a couple of icons in Finder, with the Shockwave heading, that say I can't get rid of them, because I don't have administrator privelages.........but, ahhh, it's my computer, and I am the administrator.........)

    What I do seem to have are several pieces of Shockwave, in the Library/Internet plug-ins folder; but alas, like I said, even in Rosetta mode; Safari can't see them (i.e, they aren't bolded, and so, I can't click on them.) I can access info. about them when I go to my hard drive and say "get-info"; but none of it is very useful, although I did notice that they all have "none" checked in the box that says "open with this application". I don't know how to change this, though, since I wouldn't know which application to tell them to use; Safari isn't visible from here...........

    Obviously, they simply aren't seeing each other..........what should I do? Any help would be appreciated. Cheers. neye:

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    P. S. I just switched over to a Windows MacBook Pro; with OSX; Tiger. I see that it has problems running Universal Applications; what's up with this, anyway? What was the point of it, I mean? Is it better for some reason, to have an OS that won't run UA's?

    I hate to say it; but I'm becoming a somewhat disgruntled new mac seems as if every time I try to do something, I either need to buy another manual, or download another tweaker application.........egads.

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