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    Cash Register Software for Mac?
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    Question Cash Register Software for Mac?
    Long story short, I'm trying to get the store I work at to change its systems from Windows-based to Mac-based. It's a pretty unrealistic goal and I highly doubt it'll ever happen, but I was wondering what kinds of Cash Register Software was available for Mac?
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    I know StretchR helped set up a vet's office (where he works) to Macs so maybe he knows.

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    Cash Register Software for Mac?
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    the mac store uses mac's as their POS... ask them!
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    Cash Register Software for Mac?

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    While you have good intentions its horribly unfeasible.

    The POS system at my store is a P2-300 that we've been using for 4 years. Right now its worth about 10$.... try finding a 10$ mac.

    Ideally what you want is a Linux/Windows centralized server that will house your Dbase and have your client POS systems read the Dbase from the server.

    My setup at work is as follows....

    1 POS
    1 "service" computer (checking computers in/out of the service ctr)
    1 Server

    The server is an IBM netfinity dual P3-1000 with 5x36GB SCSI drives in raid5. all of the clients are garbage p2/p3 boxes. if you really really really wanna go mac you could buy a mac pro and use that as a server using SMB shares to your windows POS terminals.

    Nomatter which way you slice it, its going to be cheaper to use P3 based PC clients and MABY, MABY a mac server, but you can pick up a cheap P3 based Raid 5 server is a alot cheaper than a mac pro.

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    Cash Register Software for Mac?
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    We use a specially designed package for Filemaker Pro for all records and invoices at the vet's office. So that won't be any help for you, sorry.
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