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    Minimizing in CoD:2 - How?
    Right now, Im so confused. In 6 years of using a mac this is my worst problem.

    All i got is one simple question that I am unable to find the answer for. How do you minimize your game w/o exiting it in Call Of Duity 2.

    Thanks ahead for the replys.

    Note: I have tried Apple+everything
    Looked for controls in the console
    Tried Crl+everything


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    bump :dive:

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    what do you think of the graphics on cod2 i just got it and its not as good as i expected, like if i lay down and look at the grass it just looks like paper? and i have a g5 imac so dont think its the comp. do me a favor and do the same and let me know if its the game or my comp

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    my graphics arnt xbox 360 quality but, it gets the job done. Judge for yourself.

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    another one

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    Minimizing in CoD:2 - How?

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    More than happy with the graphics too!

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