Again, I am usually a lurker here but this is another post - about how to do analysis with Macs.

If you would like to do analyses - for instance graph results to see trends - it is very possible to do that with Macs. First, most people think Excel when they think about graphing, but Datagraph is the application to use. BTW I am just a happy user and am not involved in the company at all. I tried to use GNUPlot for a while but that is a steep learning curve.

For my needs I did need to write an couple of applications, XCode is the way to go there. Macs are a great platform to write C and C++ on (also Objective C of course) for use on Macs or on Unix machines (which Macs are) and PCs. I have looked at some other IDEs since XCode is pretty complex but you can just use the features that you need. I am looking at Swift now with plans to finally switch over.

Here is a graph of satellite behavior:

three trumpet satellites and sds 3.jpgthree trumpet satellites and sds 3.jpg

It does take a while to explain what that is but if you are interested, write me.

And these appear in articles like this:

The Space Review: A possible technique for giving names to nameless satellites

By the way this post is just because it seems like a good idea to tell others what works, and not to just ask them for help. Maybe someone out there would like to do some science or engineering on their Macs but it is very hard to find out how to get started.
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Some C and C++ coding, orbital mechanics analysis, amateur astronomer tracking satellites.
Working at switching to Swift to develop GUI applications