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    Problem backing up to Time Machine

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    Problem backing up to Time Machine
    My last successful backup to my external Time Machine hard drive was on 27 January. Message says:
    'Time Machine couldn’t complete the backup to “Time Machine 1”'in bold followed by "Time Machine could not create a local snapshot to back up from".

    I have tried deleting earlier backups to release disk space but to no avail. Should I delete the27 January backup and see what happens or remove all my backups and start over. Everyday backups go to my Time Capsule with backups to this drive about twice per month.

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    Problem backing up to Time Machine
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    What version of the OS are you trying to back up? I have heard Catalina changes the way TM works, so maybe if you updated the OS and then connected this drive there was an issue with the change?

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    Problem backing up to Time Machine
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    If you have a complete, separate backup on a Time Capsule, you should just erase the drive and start over.

    If you can'''t back up or restore your Mac using Time Machine - Apple Support
    Please backup. Everything has a life cycle, unexpected and warning free. Nothing will last as long as you want it to.
    PS: When there is an accident or error, is the tool to blame or is the fool to blame?

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