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    Google Chrome hijacked
    "Search mine" took over my Google Chrome browser on my MacBook running Mojave 10.14. Google Chrome version 80.

    I almost always use Safari but occasionally I have to use Chrome for a web site. Like the payoff schedule does not fully displaying Safari so I have to use Chrome.

    My Chrome browser has been hijackd by "search mine". I removed Chrome from my machine and re-installed a new download. search mine came back. I run Malwarebytes Premium and I talked to them but Malwarebytes cannot remove this.

    How can I remove "search mine" from my machine?

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    Google Chrome hijacked
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    I'm almost certain that there was a whole thread dedicated to your problem, perhaps about 3 weeks ago. I'll try to find it.

    In the meantime, this Link provides ways & means of dealing with this: Hi Chrome community, I have just discovered I have search mine malware on my computer. help? - Google Chrome Community


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    Google Chrome hijacked
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    Download and install AppCleaner, AppCleaner. After you install it, open it. Uninstall Chrome, and make sure to select (in AppCleaner) all checkbox options to delete.

    Sometimes, when you uninstall apps, they leave preference files or plist files, to make re-installation easier.
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    Google Chrome hijacked
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    Quote Originally Posted by Barrygou View Post
    How can I remove "search mine" from my machine?
    Here's how to do it manually:

    Hi Chrome community, I have just discovered I have search mine malware on my computer. help? - Google Chrome Community

    You may want to try the free version of this program first if doing things manually seems daunting to you:

    DetectX Swift
    DetectX – sqwarq | security for your mac
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    Google Chrome hijacked
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    We would love to hear back from you on your success or failure removing this annoying malware. Your outcome will help us add to our database of solutions for others with the same or similar problems.
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    Google Chrome hijacked
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    Hi Barrygou,
    Here is an article from that contains a link to a zip file with a tool that was built to remove SearchMine from Chrome:

    How do I get rid of SearchMine on Chrome? - Google Chrome Community

    I don't know if Google writes these articles or monitors them for safety, so please check to be certain this is a legitimate before you click the link.

    Hope This Helps,

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