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    Search Paths
    Hi there!

    I have three quetions regarding organisation /search paths of instrument libraries for a cubase (music workstation application) plug-in that I keep on external hard drives and I have a hard time finding other threads / answers that apply for my problem.

    I am on Mojave on a MacBook Pro from 2015 and I have three problems /questions:

    1 — Before I started to import all my libraries and started organising them inside the plug-in I, on one of the external drives, had them in a location with a really annoying search path - ⁨x4⁩/⁨X⁩/⁨INTE PLATS FÖR⁩/⁨LIBRARY⁩
    I simply want it to be x4/LIBRARY to avoid a lot of clicks in the future.
    Is there a way to do that without having to change all the paths in the plug-in that they are imported to which I have started to build a customised library in? Can I trick the plug-in to look in x4/LIBRARY instead of in x4⁩/⁨X⁩/⁨INTE PLATS FÖR⁩/⁨LIBRARY⁩ as it does now?

    2 — Since I have my libraries spread out on 3 different portable drives, is it possible to name those drives the same volume name so that if I buy one large desktop drive to have in my studio I can simply have all libraries in one location on that? - x4/LIBRARY that is.
    I still want to be able to use the portable ones instead too when I am traveling
    Or do I have to make like partitions (not sure this is the right term?) for 3 drives on that to be able to keep the search paths the same?

    3 — I have read that you should always have 20 % of your hard drives empty if you use them for work on not only storage, is that true?

    Thanks a lot in advance!

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    Search Paths
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    Thread moved to better area (macOS Apps & Games).

    - Nick
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    Search Paths
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    Why not just setup various alias folders using the names/path you want and for easier access???

    That's one of the main reasons and advantage for using an alias.

    - Patrick

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