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    Contact Management "lite"
    Does anyone know of a CRM "lite" for macOS? When I was running a business we used Daylite which is a great product but now that I am retired it's more than I need. I'm looking for something that integrates Contacts with Calendar and keeps some "history" of Contact activities in the Contact's record such as Calendar Events. Of course, also integrating with Email would be even better. A couple of years ago I tried Busy Contacts but thought it was a bit "clunky". Maybe they have changed / improved it?

    I should have said "Contact management" rather than CRM which implies "customer relationship management"

    Looking for something for personal use.

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    Contact Management "lite"
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    I don't have an answer for you but I edited the title a bit. When I read the initial title I was expecting something related to content/resource management.

    Hopefully this will get you a few more answers.
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    Contact Management "lite"
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    A light weight contact management program for the Mac is hard to find. Lots for Windows though.

    Here's a list of some that you can inquire to see if any meet your needs:

    #1 Mac Contact Management Software & Comparisons | OS X Compatible | GetApp(R)

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    Contact Management "lite"
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    You might also get a lot more help if you can tell us what you are expecting to accomplish and we can see what apps might fit the bill.

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