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    email folders on MacBook
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    email folders on MacBook
    oops....think I posted to incorrect forum..

    I'm house cleaning!!

    Macbook pro..mail folders on left side.
    Inbox, drafts,sent, junk and trash all easy to understand.

    What is archive folder for? I see I have tons of emails In there and seem to be dupicates of what I have already. Found I could go to iphone/ipad settings, accounts&passwords, ea mail, advanced …..
    move discarded messages into: change discarded messages goes to delete mailbox and not to archive mailbox. How do I do the same on macbook pro?

    Also in this section under mailbox behaviors: done on iPhone and iPad....
    I see archive mailbox…it originally had all mail but I changed to starred…so am presuming that nothing should go to archive anymore unless I star it and I don’t do that at all. But when I went back into to check, I see it has reverted back to ALL Mail goes to archive box. I was careful to save and click done when finished. Am I doing something wrong or is that the way it will be?
    can this be done on MacBook?

    What is smart mailboxes…today?

    Under section: on my mac….
    What is important mailbox? Seems to have a lot of duplicate emails. Can I change this?

    I know I can hide these folders but want to empty them before that!
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