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    Disabling Siri completely
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    Quote Originally Posted by spock999 View Post

    I may be in a minority but I find Siri very intrusive and have always disabled it. I am operating on 10.14.6.

    Recently I received a very dubious email which seemed to be mirroring a friends email address. It arrived in Junk (using Mail). I opened it but decided that it was too risky to click on the enclosed link and deleted it via Erase Junk mail.

    OK, that got rid of it but a week or so later when I start to compose an email to that friend, the dubious email address was offered up as an option courtesy of Siri.

    This is something that should never happen but especially so when I have supposedly disabled siri in Settings.

    Is it possible to completely disable Siri so it doesn't do anything even in the background?

    Ok, so now that I'm on my Mac, I'm trying to experiment a bit and I'm missing something completely here. When I compose an email in Mail, when I first enter a letter in the "To" field, I get suggestions for people in my Contacts list and for addresses I have sent emails to previously. It doesn't offer to fill in email addresses from emails in my inbox or trash, and presumably wouldn't if in my spam folder. I also don't know why you think Siri is even involved... I don't get anything suggesting these are Siri suggestions. Now, in my Siri preferences, under Siri Suggestions & Privacy, I have the options for Mail disabled, so maybe that explains the difference, but re-enabling them has no effect. At least not yet. I also have Mail and Messages disabled in my Spotlight preferences, but again, re-enabling it there has no immediate effect.

    You should check your Contacts to make sure that the spam email address didn't somehow get added to it.

    Please verify and include the exact model/year of your Mac and OS X version number (available from "About This Mac", then "More Info" on the Apple menu).
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    Disabling Siri completely
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    You should check your Contacts to make sure that the spam email address didn't somehow get added to it.
    There is an option in Contacts > Preferences to "Show Siri Suggestions".
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    Disabling Siri completely
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    Darn, I must have missed that entirely Ian.
    spock999, that was my point, I donít use Siri on macOS at all (I do in iOS and Apple Watch) but I do not find it intrusive in any way.
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