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    Can Mac burn CUE+ISO?

    The question is still open regarding retro gaming roms: some of them are in the format CUE+BIN, some others are in format CUE+ISO.
    CUE+ISO is used for example for 3DO or CD-I roms.

    So far no Mac software is known to burn those formats.

    There is an existing solution for CUE+BIN which consists of converting them into ISO and then plenty of Mac software can burn them on CD-R
    All details are here:
    How to Convert .bin and .cue to ISO on Mac

    Now so far I couldn't find any solution for burning the CUE+ISO on CD-R via a MAc.

    I refermed an old topic pend years ago but a moderator decided to close it even before other people could give updates.

    As retro gaming is touching more and more people and as I am beginner in retro gaming, I am opting that new topic so we can discuss how to skip the need for a PC to burn old games on CD-R.

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    Can Mac burn CUE+ISO?
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    You're beating a dead horse!

    There is no native Mac software, either as part of a macOS installation or third-party Mac software that will burn that format.
    I see discussion about that on line going back to 2010.

    But you also do not need a PC - all you need is to use one of the several options to run Windows on the Mac and then use the appropriate Windows software.
    That is a lot simpler and straight forward even if someone could figure out some convoluted way to use Mac software.

    This issue has been discussed for at least the last 10 years when I look on line - it's pretty unlikely anyone is going to step up to the plate now to create software for that now.

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    Can Mac burn CUE+ISO?
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    As I stated in the other thread, this is a very specific use case that I can almost guarantee that not many in the user base are facing and as such we are not going to have much to add to this discussion.

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    Can Mac burn CUE+ISO?
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    I refermed an old topic pend years ago but a moderator decided to close it even before other people could give updates.
    It was closed for a reason and again as stated above by our Moderator. The topic is closed.

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