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    Question Best place to relocate iTunes
    I have a 2016 MBP with a 256 HD running Mojave and everything is up to date. I am down to about 50 GB on the HD. iTunes gobbles up close to 90 GB on the HD, so I need to relocate it. I use a 1 TB external HD devided in to three segments for backup. One is for Time Machine, one is for Carbon Copy Cloner, and the third is empty having 190 GB of free space. I can move iTunes there or I can move it to iCloud--I would have to buy the two hundred GB space size. What is my best option.

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    Best place to relocate iTunes
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    First, we strongly advise you NOT to place all your backups on one external drive. If that drive goes south you will have no other means to recover. External hard drives, even very large ones are inexpensive. You need to consider keeping your Time Machine backups and CCC backups separate.

    Your iTunes library is easy enough to move. You can even move it to a good quality flash drive, which by the way are now also inexpensive. I personally do not favor moving large amounts of data, iTunes, or anything else to iCloud but that is an option.

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    Best place to relocate iTunes
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    Your iTunes library is easy enough to move.
    Which I may say will probably not be getting backed up after it is moved, if that's any consideration.

    And if one is having to pay a big bucks for a large iCloud backup, one could buy a large hard drive for the same price and it would be much faster.

    I am down to about 50 GB on the HD.
    That sould still be quite sufficient free space for normal usage but is getting close to the "keep an eye on it" stage.

    As for backups, I'd agree and heed chscag's suggestion.

    - Patrick

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