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    Pages acting strange.
    When I click on Pages from any source, the computer opens the Desktop Folder instead of the app. Numbers and Keynote behave properly. If I open a Page doc, it opens the app. Any idea what's going on? EMS

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    Pages acting strange.
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    Just to be clear, if you navigate to ~/Applications, or /Applications, wherever Pages is installed, and click on it there, you get a Desktop folder? I would suggest that maybe you can do a "Get Info" on Pages in the location where it is installed and see what it says about that icon.

    Bear in mind that if you open Pages normally, a Finder-like window opens up to show potential documents. I think it defaults to where you last opened Pages, but I'm not sure. There is a "New document" button in the lower left corner of that window. Is that what you are seeing?

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    Pages acting strange.
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    When I click on Numbers (dock icon), the app opens, with the last document I was using. When you are closing Pages, are you closing the document, then quitting the app or are quitting the app before saving/closing the document?
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