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    New Interesting Browser!
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    I can report that although I haven't tried the macOS Edge (beta) browser I am using it it sporadically on my iPhone and iPad and I've found it to be a pretty polished act as you might expect. Its controls are intuitive, simple, easy to use and access.

    As for the UR Browser, I suppose it's a sign of the times that more and more security measures and mechanisms seem to be incorporated into our digital lives. The latest version of Firefox Quantum claims to include anti phishing and malware protection as well as regular automatic security updates. So it would be interesting to see a current evaluation of the UR Browser rather than an outdated one. If it truly provides a VPN as apposed to an unencrypted proxy and something other than a version of AdBlock Plus then it could indeed be a sort of "one stop shop' for people requiring intermittant additional security say overseas or for online financial transactions although I can't believe that any real VPN service could be provided free of charge.

    As a browser its pretty basic and simple. Extensions are all via Chrome store so no surprises there, hard to compare it to the truly innovative Chromium based Vivaldi Browser with its multiple tab management and unique UI.

    For my money the combination of a standalone "no logging" VPN like Express, Adguard and a tough flexible browser like Firefox is pretty difficult to beat.
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    New Interesting Browser!
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    I’ll add another belated Happy Birthday, Harry.

    And, thanks for the link, Randy. Will play with it when I get unburied from all of these boxes from moving . . .
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