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    "Trash It!" for 10.14? - trying to empty trash
    I have an external hardrive. I was deleting some TimeMachine backups to free space. For some reason, the backups are stuck in the trash bin, having not deleted properly.

    This happened to me years ago. I used an application called "Trash It!", which emptied my trash at the click of a button.

    It appears to me that "Trash It!" does not work with the current OS. Is there an alternative?

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    "Trash It!" for 10.14? - trying to empty trash
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    "Trash It!" for 10.14? - trying to empty trash
    You are caught in a classic loop. Time Machine Backups cannot be deleted by Trashing them. They should only be deleted from the Time Machine interface.
    To delete old backups using Time Machine, use the following instructions:
    Connect your backup drive to your computer.
    Click on the Time Machine icon on the Menu Bar.
    Scroll through your backups and find the one you want to delete.
    Click on the Gear icon.
    Select Delete Backup.
    Agree with the on-screen confirmation.
    However if they are now stuck in Trash this article describes the only way I know of to fix the issue if it's due to SIP error.
    How to Remove Stuck Time Machine Backups from Mac Trash Due to System Integrity Protection Error

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    "Trash It!" for 10.14? - trying to empty trash
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