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    Angry Minecraft cross platform
    Microsoft released cross platform support for Minecraft in September 2017.

    Cross platform support allows desktop users the ability to play Minecraft with users on iOS, Android, and Xbox.

    Microsoft conveniently made cross platform support available for Windows 10 and Xbox, but have still not made it available for Mac. This means that Minecraft users on Windows 10, Xbox, iOS, and Android can all play together but not with Mac users.

    Does this strike anyone as an unfair business practice?

    Can anyone here escalate this to the lawyers?

    As I understand it, the cross platform support is contained in a Minecraft update/version called Better Together or Bedrock.

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    Minecraft cross platform
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    Maybe, M$ knew Apple was updating to APFS formatting, and didn’t want to adapt to either (APFS or HFS+) type yet?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ferrarr View Post
    Maybe, M$ knew Apple was updating to APFS formatting, and didnít want to adapt to either (APFS or HFS+) type yet?
    I don't see what the file system has to do with this, unless I'm missing something.

    I think it would be zero work for Microsoft to enable the cross platform support on Mac. I heard that Minecraft Education Edition (which is already available for Mac) contains what is technically necessary to enable cross platform play. So Microsoft basically just needs to flip a switch to enable cross platform play for Mac.

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    Minecraft cross platform
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    This thread is totally off-topic and has nothing to do with the forum designation. If you have a suggestion or complaint for Microsoft you can contact them directly not from our forums.

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