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    Changing file names automatically

    Sorry to bother you!

    I want to do something to a bunch of txt files on a Mac,.... I believe there would be an easy way to do it, but I really do not know how to look for a solution

    Any help is really appreciated.

    So, I have around 5000 files whose names are of the following format Shaw (1928).txt or Twain (1920-1923). txt

    I would like to rename them, all of them at once namely to move the () in front. The outcome should be (1928)Shaw.txt or 1928Shaw I do not care if the parenthesis is kept or the blank etc, but I want the number in front. Its there a way to do this quickly?


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    Changing file names automatically
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    Hi AnaNic - batch renaming can be done in Finder-Info Here - e.g. see first pic below - select the files, hit the 'Action Icon' and select 'Rename...' - there are a number of format and sequence choices but are limited (I've used the feature for just a half dozen or fewer files - 5000 may be a bit much, don't know; also, the options likely will not do what you want) - but others may find the link helpful.

    Now your second choice is to search at the App store (see 2nd pic w/ the search words) - there are much more powerful 'batch renamers' but may cost a little money - I use to use one years ago but forgot its name. Hopefully others will 'chime in' w/ more specific recommendations - good luck. Dave
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    Quote Originally Posted by RadDave View Post
    Hi AnaNic - batch renaming can be done in Finder-Info Here - e.g. see first pic below - select the files, hit the 'Action Icon' and select 'Rename...
    I use that Mac "rename" feature a fair amount, but the renaming options are limited.

    I don't see how one could use it to accomplish what AnaNic wants to do so I didn't even suggest that.

    I would think Mac Automator is the way to go in this case.

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