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    Mac outlook mail question

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    Mac outlook mail question
    I have 4 email accounts that I use regularly. I was using Outlook for 3 and a separate mail app for the 4th, but that app has been giving me trouble so I added it to Outlook the other day. Is there a way to easily get right to the inbox for each account without having to scroll through every folder that I have set up and land on the inbox with a 1 next to it, so I can check that mail? I don't like the option to have all the mail in one inbox - I'd just like a way to see each of the inboxes at a glance so I know which one has mail in it. What would be great is if I could run another instance of outlook and use that one for just one account - is that possible? Thank you

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    You cannot run multiple instances of Outlook, so that's not going to be an option for you. I use Outlook for a single account but it is in a collapsable list, so if you have 4 accounts, each should be in their own collapsable list and you can expand/collapse each one to see if any of the folders have a count next to them indicating there's mail.

    I don't believe in collapsed mode the folder header will indicate mail in its group, so you have to click a little bit.

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    Mac outlook mail question
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    What are the specific versions of OS X/macOS and Outlook?
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