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    microsoft word
    I am trying to install endnote (referencing tool) on my Mac but the installer keeps saying that my Microsoft word is open at the same time and so needs to be closed but I have no open document on word ?

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    microsoft word
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    You may not have any Word document open, but the application probably is.

    If so, the icon will be showing on your Dock with a small angular mark under it. Right click on it and select the Quit option.

    Then carry on with the endnote installation.

    - Patrick

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    microsoft word
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    A warm welcome to Mac-Forums.

    What Patrick says is important. All Microsoft Office apps need to quitted for the installer to work. (ie not just Word)

    And to reinforce Patrick's excellent advice, "closing" is not the same as "quitting".

    So, it may well be that you have closed Word or any other Office app, but they all need to be quitted.

    Patrick has told you how to Quit these apps. You could also use the Command plus Q keyboard shortcut; or click on the app, say Word, in the top menu bar and choose Quit from the drop down menu.


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    microsoft word

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    And use the Quit command as Ian says. Closing the window via the red dot is not quitting the program.
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    microsoft word
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    The Command Tab option is the one I use because it is so easy and accessible at any time but perhaps it needs a little more explanation.
    When you press the Command and Tab keys you will see a line of active (running) apps. You can now take one finger off the Tab key and the line will remain so long as you keep the command key depressed. If you are using a mouse or the Track Pad you can move the cursor along the line which will highlight each app icon in turn. Now while still holding the Command key press the Q key and that will quit the highlighted app.
    This is an easy, always accessible way of seeing which apps are running and quitting them without opening a window or searching for them on the dock.
    In addition if you quit the Word app this way it will not close if you have any unsaved changes, prompting you to save the document or revert before quitting.
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