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    Automate watermark placement on multiple PDFs
    I see there are instructions on how to create a watermark on a PDF in Preview. I have multi-page PDF documents on which I'd like to place a custom watermark on each page. Is there a way to automate this process in Preview or through Mac OS?

    I know there is paid Mac software to create watermarks on PDFs in Mac. Can anyone recommend free Mac software for this purpose? If not, then, which watermark creator app do you use and recommend? I need this for placing watermarks on PDFs, not photos.

    I posted this message in another forum, but there have been no responses, so I posted it here--my apologies for the cross posting.


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    Automate watermark placement on multiple PDFs
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    Welcome to our forums.

    Lots of free apps for placing watermarks on photos, and several paid apps for placing them on PDFs. Sorry, I could find nothing that was free and would work for PDFs. It looks like Preview might be your best hope. If you're good with using the macOS automator app you may be able to rig up something that will automate the process for you.

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    Thanks, chscag.

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    Maybe there is no free way. I used a paid software for three months, it works fine with me. I found the software from a YouTube channel named 'MAC PDF SOLUTIONS'. You can search and try it yourself.

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