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    Mac Ports vs Homebrew
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    Jun 22, 2007
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    Mac Ports vs Homebrew
    I currently have MacPorts installed on my Mac. I will admit that I'm not like the usual user that installs many different ports. I just install one or two.
    However reading up on it; I understand that there are many who prefer Homebrew even though MacPorts is sponsored by Apple.

    I am wonder which of the two better integrates the software / ports into the standard MacOS.
    From most that I'm reading, I believe that its Homebrew. But on the other hand, Homebrew does not have as many packages as MacPorts does. And from what I hear, it is not advisable for you to have both installed on one system.
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    Mac Ports vs Homebrew
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    @knightjp: Please re-submit your thread in the development forum. And try re-wording it so the system does not pick it up as a poll. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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