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Thread: Chrono Sync ?

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    Chrono Sync ?
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    Chrono Sync ?
    I know we openly advocate and promote the creation of bootable clones, I have one myself using CCC and the other equally good app SuperDuper but I have noticed that no one has ever suggested ChronoSync. It is more expensive most certainly but where money is not an issue it does offer an number of additional services and features the aforementioned do not.
    For someone operating an office who wants synchronization to both their home device as well as remote storage this is actually a very sound product. I tried the Express version on a special offer trial and found it did the same job as CCC but had more options than i required so I went back to CCC but I continue to get newsletters and the latest full version is pretty comprehensive in its features so for those who are interested in something more than a local backup it's definitely worth a look.
    PS Just FYI I'm not affiliated in any way.
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    I use ChronoSync for a specific use between two machines and it works brilliantly. The developer is very supporting and updates (so far) have been free. I also am not affiliated in any way, but it is a great system. I have recommended it a couple of times for folks who want to keep to systems in sync, but it could be used for backup purposes as well.

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