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    Newer Pages file to Pages '09-missing index.xml file message
    Wow, On my Snow Leopard MacBook, I got a Pages file from my daughter's iPad, and can't open it in Pages '09 (which was the zenith of Pages workability-the new one is so bad, my wife curses every time she uses it). It is sent as a .zip that opens to a Pages file. It says it is missing the index.xml file. I have tried the
    Whatever was suggested on all the threads didn't work. The only workaround is opening it in Word (yuck) and copying and pasting to my '09 document. What a time waster. Please help.

    Is there another way to fix this Apple-inspired mess?

    One poster said that since S. Jobs passed away, Apple has turned to ****. I have to agree. Sorry, Apple. I am no longer a fanboy (and that's going back to the Apple IIE. "It just works" is not something that can be said anymore. The new iWork took away things in the interest of I don't know what, iMovie (and Garageband) that want to simplify things but made things less intuitive... Yosemite that is glacially slow on a spinning hard drive (one Apple employee told me quietly that it really only is supposed to work well with SSDs. For people who have to use new communication apps like zoom, et al, and must have Yosemite but have MacBook Pros from 2010-2012, this is a real problem. Mail is also driving her crazy. The search function is horrible. Things go in and out of showing up. And the cables for the iPhone I bought last year frayed so much at the connection that I brought it back to the store, showed them my cable from my old iPhone to compare. The new one looks so chewed up, it was astounding. They replaced them... Can we say "quality control?"

    End rant.

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    Newer Pages file to Pages '09-missing index.xml file message
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    Welcome to our forums.

    You can not open a Pages 5 file with Pages 9 without it being converted. Either purchase the new Pages 5 (5.6.2) or buy a new Mac and the iWork apps are then free. I'm personally not a big fan of any of the iWork apps since I use MS Office in all my work, however, there are other alternatives: OpenOffice and LibreOffice are free downloads and work very well. They might be all you need.

    As far as all your other complaints go... We have many folks who are members of our forum that are getting along just fine with their Apple hardware which still "just works".

    And by the way, I moved your post to a new thread since you tagged on to a post that was very old.

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    Curious. I ran Yosemite and El Cap on a 2011 MBP just fine. Neither was "glacially slow." In fact, I was pleasantly surprised at the fact that not only it ran, but that it ran well. It was nice tho Apple replaced your cables. I have never had one fray, but then I always unplug by pulling on the plug, not the cable. Learned to do that decades ago when I first got into amateur radio. When you are the "manufacturer" of cable connections, you learn quickly that the cable is NOT the part to be pulling on to disconnect.

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