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Thread: Safari setting?

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    Safari setting?
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    Not sure I understood all that was posted, but is there no easy way to create/set a constant font & size on all Safari emails??

    What is considered one of the best systems for email! I've been around since the French & Indian War so I'm still back using AOL for emails! LOL!I just want to have all my outgoing emails be one font & size.... say Comic 12, or 14! My font size wants to revert to 14 all the time, & if I type inside a already created line the new text maybe smaller or larger at random! Strange Brew! It seems like I should be able to set a font & size & save it & all emails would follow that setting! I guess I want too much!

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    Yes, that's too much.

    Seriously, you can set a default size in Mail, under Preferences. Fonts and Colors. Pick the font you want for the list of messages, new messages and if you want something to be fixed width, there is a place for that, too.

    But be aware that you CANNOT control what the receiver sees. What is in the inbox is under the control of the inbox holder, not the sender. About the only way to get something to a recipient that cannot change is to send a PDF as an attachment.

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