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    How to update software without Apple ID?
    Some of my software tells me that it has updates. Then it tells me to create an Apple ID. The problem is that it is forcing me to enter credit card information, and I do not own a credit card (nor will I ever). Is there any way around this, or will I just never be able to update software?

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    How to update software without Apple ID?
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    You are not forced to use a credit card. You can use PayPal which you can choose to have associated with a bank account.

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    I see. This is going to be difficult. I live in China, and using China Paypal is a nightmare. Can I not just update my software without a payment method? Thank you for your reply.

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    I can only speak for the US, the U.K., and Canada, but no credit card is required for an Apple ID and I feel pretty sure this is also the case in China. It sounds to me like you may be setting up an ITUNES STORE account, which would use an EXISTING Apple ID, and will ask but still does not require a credit card.

    Set up your Apple ID elsewhere (such as the iCloud system preferences), then you should be able to get your updates.

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    How to update software without Apple ID?
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    Well it sure was necessary for Tattooed Mac and I here in Aussie chas.
    Using OS X.7 or later make a bootable USB thumb drive before running Installer!

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    I'll take your word for it, but having lived and had iTunes accounts in the three countries I mentioned, none of them had the requirement for a credit card -- and I know this because I didn't have one to give them!

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    How to update software without Apple ID?
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    I won't guarantee this will work but many say it will.

    Open iTunes.
    From the Menu Bar, select Store > My account. You will be prompted for your Apple ID and Password. Enter it.
    Under “Payment Type” click the “Edit” link.
    Select “None” and then click “Done”

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    Yes, that is the option I had each and every time (and still have) in the US and Canada.

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    Ok, I tried another time, and a "None" option appeared for payment methods, so that worked. Weird. Thanks all!

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    How to update software without Apple ID?
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    "Ni Hao" mattymac. Glad you got things solved!

    - Nick
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    Thanks very much Nick.

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