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    Alternate Image Viewer/Slideshow Programs
    I'm having tons of stability issues as well as permissions issues with Preview due to my older hardware running Yosemite. Does anyone know of any other applications (besides iPhoto and Photos) that would be as good as or better than Preview?


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    Please read the link in my sig and repost here. We need to know more about your system before we can recommend a solution.

    However, if you tell us about the stability problems and permissions issues, maybe fixing them would be the better approach. So, what's happening?

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    It's a late 2009 Intel Core 2 Duo with 4 GB 1067 MHz DDR3 of memory and almost a terabyte of free space on the HD, which on paper meets all the requirements to run Yosemite. However, not only have I talked to technical support several times, I've also taken it in several times. Additionally I've done a complete reinstall of Yosemite several times and came up with the exact same issues. Previously I was running Snow Leopard with no issue. Thus the only answer anyone has been able to give is that the hardware is not quite up to snuff to run Yosemite to its full potential.

    As for the specific issues; Preview crashes, opens/closes slowly, and also freezes as well as freezes browsers if running. Often it flat out refuses to open images giving permission errors even though I've unrestricted the images and gone through the disk utility process. I'm all ears if anyone somehow knows the fix ... Otherwise I'm interested in any other similar apps as Preview besides the ones I previously mentioned.
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    Alternate Image Viewer/Slideshow Programs
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    Make sure Finder is Quit completely.
    Go into Finder press ⇧⌘G and the Goto Dropdown will pop up. Copy and paste
    (changing TattooedMac with yourusername) press return, and drag that Plist file to the Desktop.
    Now try and open Finder again with a image,(a new .plist will be created when Finder opens) and see what it does. If it all works fine, Trash the Plist on the Desktop and go on with life. If it doesn't help, drag the Plist back, click replace and we will need to try something else.
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