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    Trailer + imovie
    Hello, I am new to this site. I was surfing for an answer to my question-how (?) can I place a trailer in iMovie directly in front of the actual movie...can they be combined? Thanks.

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    Trailer + imovie
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    I am not an expert on iMovie (I use different software) but I did do a small project to see if I could do what you want.

    What I did was create the trailer first then when you have it the way you want share it out as a file. It will create it in the Movies folder. Now import it into a new project, select all of it and drag it down into the timeline. Now add your other movie footage after the trailer. You will probably want to put a transition between the two. When you are finished share the entire project out how ever you want.

    Also here is a site with some free video tutorials on how to use iMovie:

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    Thanks Lisa! I appreciate your response!

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