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    HTML Email / Font-face / Mail substituting font

    I'm looking to create a HTML e-mail signature using a custom font (font-face approach) for Mail in Yosemite 10.10.1 having created the signature and imported it into Mail, all looks good (as in, but then when I go back to it, even after locking the signature file, Mail has substituted the font (as in Is there anyone that know what might be going wrong? Is there some auto-formatting occurring as happens in iOS? Or should I give up on this approach?

    Any help or feedback much appreciated. Thank you.

    Best Regards


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    Give up. You cannot control what happens at the receiving end anyway, so using fonts for signatures is not going to work. If you want a fixed signature, convert to a pdf and then put that pdf in your sig. Still can't guarantee that at the other end the receiver will display the pdf, but at least when they do open it, they'll see what you want them to see.

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