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    Adblock and Ghostery will block most adware. Adware Medic will clean out what has taken up residence.

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    google to bing in Safari
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    Quote Originally Posted by tastyorange View Post
    Thanks, pm-r!

    It took me awhile to fix google and firefox... because I kept looking in the wrong place for the new settings icon.. the three horizontal bars... because three horizontal bars makes soooooooo much sense as a settings icon.

    The adware medic must have fixed Safari previously because that was ok... no search.strtpoint.

    Anyway, guys... HOW do I prevent these pop-ups from trying to force me into downloading malware?
    I've had it happen a few times in the last week. All I could do was quit the browser.

    I'm not quite sure by what you mean being "forced" to downloading malware.

    As MacInWin says, use his suggestions, and if you do get "trapped", there should be some way to back out of the offending page. Or if nothing else, quit the page/window - command+w and start from a new page.

    Sorry if I'm way off base and not understanding the problem of if that doesn't work.

    And if there's anything left of "", I'd do a search of your hard drive on it or parts of its name with Find Any File. FAF will certainly find it, even if it's hidden where you're not supposed to go!!! And it even provided to Delete immediately - it won't even get to your Trash.

    I see some of the sites flogging removal methods are suggesting to use MacKeeper and even Avast, both applications should never be allowed anywhere near you Mac as you're no doubt aware by now, especially avoid MacKeeper!!!!
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    Ok maybe not forced... but trapped with quitting being the only way out. I did have an instance where it downloaded without me doing anything. I think it was a fake flash site. Anyway, the is gone and Chrome is FASTER now that I reset it.

    I will look for adblock and ghostery and try it.

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