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    Toast Problems/Video TS/CSS
    I'm trying to copy a DVD (legal phish download on traders den, clifford ball 8.17.96 set II :headphone)

    I've made 3 copies of this show before by simply dropping the Video TS folder into toast and then clicking burn.

    now all of a sudden i'm getting an error message with a 'more info' link that links me to the message at the bottom of this post.

    How can a BLANK DVD be encrypted with CSS? I've tried using other blanks and get the same thing. Again, I made a copy of this show on Saturday and now it's not working.

    "Protected Disc Error Message

    The DVD that you are attempting to back up is encrypted with CSS. CSS is an encryption mechanism used to prevent copying of DVD movies. The use of DVD decryption software is illegal in the United States and some other countries.

    Not all movies are CSS protected.

    Many movies are not CSS protected. Some commercial DVDs, public domain movies, your home movies and content that you have recorded on your set-top DVD recorder are not CSS protected. You can use this product to make a backup of DVDs that you have created and of non-CSS protected video or movies.

    Roxio does not distribute DVD decryption software.

    Roxio will not distribute or provide a link to decryption software. DVD decryption software found on the Internet is developed by independent third parties and is not distributed by or in any way associated with any Roxio product. Roxio does not provide support for third party software.

    You are responsible for knowing and complying with all applicable copyright laws in your country, and Roxio makes no warranty or representation about the legality of DVD decryption software.
    Last Updated: November 23, 2004"

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    Toast Problems/Video TS/CSS
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    its really cool that phish lets everything out for free like that.

    try using one of the dvd's that you made and then use disk copy in toast to try it out
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