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    Pages printing problem
    My color logo and text print on my black/white printer but same doc prints only the color logo and no text when I try to print on my color printer. What is the world am I doing wrong? Printer settings are correct.

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    What Mac? What printer? What have you tried? What messages are you getting, if any? What do you mean the "printer settings are correct?" What settings? We need a LOT more information than "it doesn't work."

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    Pages problem
    Sorry - been so frustrated all day. IMac, Epson XP410 color printer, HP 3030 All-in-one. Pages 5.2

    By removing headers I finally got the color logo and the bl/white text to print on the Epson so saved that file as a template so that the next month's minutes can be printed with color logo. Don't know what else I tried as I tried so many things but that seemed to work on one file - didn't work on another one so will sign up for the nearest Pages class! Boy do I miss the older, less complicated wordprocessor/ Appleworks/Clarisworks but since I need only limited use my capabilities will stay limited, too. Thanks for your reply - really do appreciate online help from folks like you. Sara Lee

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    What version OSX? Do you have the latest version of the drivers for the Epson? Had it been printing ok and then stopped? IF so, what did you change, or do, just before it stopped working? It sounds like a problem with the printer driver for the Epson is not functioning properly.

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    Printing problem
    Using OSX 9.4.2 and just bought the Epson XP 410 a few months ago. Haven't checked the drivers but it worked perfectly for color photo printing and this was the first time I had occasion to insert a color logo into a document. Pretty sure it's my limited knowledge of Pages just as I thought I had a handle on it for whatever uses I would need. As I said, I tried a number of things and explored areas of the Pages format and documentation and section areas and when I removed any header, inserted the logo and then began my text it seemed to work for that time. I then saved that doc as a template so I won't have to make changes to the formatting again. The fact that it does print to the HP without a disappearing act is mystifying. When I check the printer settings for the Epson it is clear I am on the correct printer, I see the document in the left hand side of the preview page but before this last try, only the logo printed. Again, I'm pretty sure it's my unfamiliarity with the workings of the more sophisticated Pages as opposed to earlier Apple wp software. Thanks for your input and thanks for your patience, Sara Lee

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    What do you get with the Epson selected, but print to a PDF instead? What shows in the preview page? Is it correct there? What happens if you open one of the "sample" documents from the New Document window in Pages? Will one of those with a color image or logo print? I don't have an Epson, so I cannot try what you are doing directly, sorry.

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    Printing problem
    Did not try printing a pdf version but always have two copies of this doc - one in pdf and one in Pages so others can read the pdf version. I imagine it is the same when I preview it in the Pages format. It is all there - text and color logo but only printed the logo to Epson until I removed the headers and made the logo and text all part of the same page. I learned today how to change a header section so that my second page will only have the page number and no header. I need to sign off and start dinner but again, many many thanks. This site is extremely helpful and am glad I found it. Sara Lee

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