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    Is Updating "Show Info" data remotely possible in iTunes?
    I keep my iTunes stuff on a Mac Mini connected to my TV. I've got roughly 1.5Tb of media on there.

    My primary computer is a mac laptop. When sitting here messing around with the iTunes stuff I notice misspellings (my fault), would like to group various audiobooks.

    I would like to make these updates from my laptop rather than having to go onto the keyboard for the mac mini.

    Is this possible? Is there a "administer iTunes remotely" checkbox that I'm missing?


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    Is Updating "Show Info" data remotely possible in iTunes?
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    Have you looked at Screen Sharing ?? Basically both Macs are enable to Screen Share in System Preferences and look for the Mac Mini in the Finder Sidebar and click on it then connect and away you go.
    You have the Mac mini screen on you MBP and you can do what you want Like drop that important file into dropbox, but can't be bothered walking from the bedroom lol

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    Ohhhh, that sounds like a winner for much more than just this item.
    Thanks! I'll have to look into it.

    This sounds a lot like XHost and the DISPLAY variable in *NIX. That'll work.

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