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    Missing Finder Help Files
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    Unhappy Missing Finder Help Files
    About a month ago I accidentally deleted the “Apple – Mac OS X” button from the dock. It’s pretty easy to do—it’s right next to the trash bin. I immediately opened the trash to undelete it, but it wasn’t there. At first it pissed me off, but then it seemed that the button was nothing more than a link the to the website. So, I haven’t thought about it since then.

    Last night I was trying to use “Help: Mac Help” in Finder. The Help Viewer window opens up but is empty. If I click on the “home” button (I assume it’s “home” because of the house on the button), the front page of the Mac Help section shows up but none of the links work. If I click one it takes me to another blank help screen. Also, if I type something to search for it never finds it and never stops searching—the Help Viewer window is just blank. The help sections for all the other programs seem to be there. If I sign in as a different user, the Help: Mac Help works fine—everything is there, and all the links work.

    So, did deleting that button (the silver one with the “@” on a spring) from the dock delete the Finder help files, or I did I do that some other way? And, more importantly, how do I get the help files back?

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    Missing Finder Help Files
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    You did not delete the help function. I have read in many place about help does not work some time. I believe the solution is to repiar permissions.
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