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    csv file changing format when opened from windows share
    The company I did some work needed to move all their files from a MAC server to a Windows server because the server was not trustworthy hardware wise.

    Now I moved all the files to the windows server and created a share for the office MAC's to connect to.

    In particular csv files which worked just fine on the MAC server are now not formatted correctly any longer. For instance, several columns of data which resided on ONE row now encompass several rows and are not usable. As if every 6-7 columns the row was chopped up and created a new row, dividing data that once lived on one row together.

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    csv file changing format when opened from windows share
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    Just copying a file from place to place (allowing for corruptions) can't change it's format.

    I'd suggest that the copying method applied some kind of transformation. Unix carriage returns for instance can create cross platform issues if the transformation of the file is not handled correctly.

    I'd ask about how the files were moved and I'd also look at the files in a plain text editor and see if they contain extraneous commas at the points you have extra rows/columns.

    Also, are you using the same application to open the files?

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