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    Word and Excel for Mac

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    Word and Excel for Mac
    I bought Pages and Numbers for my MBP after seeing they were compatible with Word and Excel. I like to use my MBP whenever I can and stay away from my work laptop as much as possible, I have found it very difficult to use Pages and Numbers and then go to my Windows work laptop. Is it me or do these programs not really work well together?
    My second question is, am I better off with the Microsoft Office Suite for Mac, or should I install windows and get the windows version.
    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Word and Excel for Mac
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    I moved your post here to the appropriate forum. Did not belong in "Running Windows........"

    As to your question: Both Pages and Numbers can save to compatible Office document format. However, sometimes the formatting and features that you were used to in Word and Excel may not be available or the same.

    I personally have found when using both platforms (Mac and Windows) and transferring documents between them, it's preferable to stick with MS Office on both. Mac Office 2011 has very good compatibility with MS Office 2010 in Windows and vice versa.

    If you already have a licensed full install copy of Windows (XP SP2, Vista, Win 7) that is not being used on another machine and also have a copy of MS Office 2010 that is not being used, then it would make sense to install Windows and use Office that way. Otherwise it may be more economical to purchase a copy of Mac Office 2011. Your decision.

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