I just got a new job and requires of me to troubleshoot OS X and its applications.

I have not used Mac since OS9 and my work has not provided me a OSX computer for me to test the theories I read

Today, I found out email client for mac is called entourage...

The user I need to help is having issue of losing form/table formats when he is forwarding email that already contains an tablet.

Based on my research and a bit of testing, it seems like entourage is changing the html format email to plain text email when the user fwd the email to another person.



Send Complex HTML Emails from a Mac Without Needing a Script

gives me some suggestions, but I cannot test the theory unless I stop the user from his work, remote access to his computer and trying to figure it out.

I'm bit confused on what they say on the 1st article. Is it saying that the user will lose ability to send normal email? I personally do not think that will matter, but I don't want to 1/2 *** my solutions at a new job

I haven't read 2nd article in depth yet since I just found it.

The thing is, I don't have a mac at my work to test this other than the user's computer.

So if anyone have any experience with this issue or can test what is in these article and please provide me with some feedback?

thank you in advance.