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    Mail: How to delete mail from server, but save it locally with IMAP account?
    I work at a university and my IMAP e-mail account has a 250MB quota. I use Mail and I'd like to keep copies of my e-mails locally on my hard drive, but delete them from the server.

    For POP accounts, this can apparently be achieved through
    Preferences->Accounts->Advanced->"Remove copy from server after retrieving a message"
    But there is no such option with an IMAP account. Does anyone know a workaround that will help me achieve this or something similar?

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    Mail: How to delete mail from server, but save it locally with IMAP account?
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    Kind of a kludge, but you can always access the server via the web and manually delete mail that way. I frequently do that with my GMail account and it can take considerable time if you receive lots of mail as I do. Otherwise, revert back to POP and manually sync your accounts which likewise can be a pain.

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    Mail: How to delete mail from server, but save it locally with IMAP account?
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    I hope I didn't misunderstand your question…

    Create On My Mac folders (You create local folders under the Mailbox>New Mailbox…>Location: On My Mac)

    Go through all the folders in the IMAP account and drag the emails into the relevant On My Mac folders. This would move the emails to local and at the same time remove the emails online. (Should, I can't guarantee that your IMAP server works the same but it should)
    And in the future, just drag emails in the inbox that you want to keep to On My Mac folders.

    What this means is all email in your inbox will be synced between all devices connected to that account. Move emails to the On My Mac folders and they will only be accessible on your Mac.
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