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    Question Strange file in Trash. Can't erase it. Help needed,please?
    This is a strange doc which appeared sometime ago in Trash.
    To my understanding it doesn't cause any visible harm, bu I want to find out what os this file and how to getrid of it without reinstalling whole system.

    Name is ¨đ?,ďÖó.l—s
    it sits in the trash bin
    is alias
    size zero Kb
    can not be moved opened or deleted
    no created or modified dates on display
    in info - unknown access

    when did search for invisible files
    found it in Bootcamp>.Trashes> 501 which is a folder, empty.
    (The Bootcamp partition is empty, I created it when purchased the laptop just in case I install Windows someday. When I open it there is just empty Desktop folder ,size zero Kb)

    Here it gets weird with this 501 folder - on the finder window is displayed that it is created on 27 April 2025 at 7.33pm.
    Now is the year 2011, so how a folder can be created in the year 2025???

    It gets even funnier with the dates - when I go right click>Get Info on display I see that this folder is created Sat, 20 August 1983 10:12 AM (!!!!!!
    and modified on 27 April 2025 at 7.33pm.
    Tried to move it to Trash - the “Preparing to move to trash” animated bar appears, keeps moving forever but no result at all and I have to quit the operation.

    Thanks for any COMPETENT advise fellow mac users!
    My Mac -OSX 10.6.8

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    Strange file in Trash. Can't erase it. Help needed,please?
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    Remove the unused, and useless (unless you're going to actually install Windows, and you can always create the partition again with bootcamp), windows partition in bootcamp. The file will disappear.
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