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    Crossover didnīt work.
    I just got a new Macbook pro and i downloaded Crossover Games to install the game Perfect World, first i watched some videos on how to install it and i then downloaded perfect world directly from Crossver Games, took about 5h and when it got done, i verified it and then the problem came, in the end of the installation it said; Failed to create ...../perfect world international! and then i had to press ok and the download exited. I did try to re-install using same method but to another folder, also used bottles and such, even tried the torrent version of it to install it from the .exe file but didn't work, it all ended up same. What to do?

    This is what it showed in the end: Image - TinyPic - Free Image Hosting, Photo Sharing & Video Hosting

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    The instructions on the Codeweaver's site say to use a Crossover Tie in order to install "Perfect World International Version". Did you follow the instructions and use the Tie they provide?

    Also, Crossover Games does not always work right with certain games even though it may be listed as supported. The best way in my opinion to run Perfect World is to install Windows 7 on your new MBP and then install the game direct and run it in Windows.

    And, please do not mention using a torrent as that is an illegal download. Read our guidelines which you can find in my signature line. Thanks.

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    Yes and yes i did Ill guess ill try to get a Windows CD then if i canīt get it to work in the end. Ty anyways

    Edit: And it should actually work, since some of my friends have done it but they never experienced the same as me.

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    Hi Kristinetv,

    Perfect World is supported, but it's one of those games that gives us a lot of problems, depending on what graphics chipset, version of OS/X, and flavor of the game installer is being used. It's really finicky. So, some people run it with no problems, and others have all sorts of problems, for no apparent reason. We find it difficult to keep up with, because they rev the installer pretty frequently, too. So, we're looking at this, and you're more than welcome to put in a support ticket on this issue, and one of our ninjas will do their ****edest to help you out. But just to level set expectations that we have run into issues with this title. And, of course, I'm sorry you're having difficulties--we wish it were otherwise.

    Best Wishes,

    -jon parshall-
    CrossOver: Windows emulator for Mac and Linux computers - CodeWeavers

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