Hoping someone out there can help!

I got a new iMac last year and transferred everything from my old iMac (including Office 2004 US version). I subsequently installed Office 2008 (French version) and for the last few months I've been getting messages on startup "Mise a niveau des identitÚs" which I guess roughly translates as Updating Entourage Identities. Sometimes this takes as long as 45 minutes (I kid you not!).

However, this is not my BIG problem! For the second time now, all my emails since the time of the Office 2008 install have been tucked away and become unaccessible. The database of emails is where it ought to be (Microsoft User Data>Office 2008 Identities>Main Identity>Database), but it appears to be associated with Office 2004. How do I associate the database with the 2008 version of Entourage? And can anyone suggest what I might have done to cause this?

Big thanks in advance!