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    I need to retrieve lost document on "Address book"
    I clicked on the "address book" icon on my mac book pro and typed the text of an important document in one of the "notes" I created.

    Normally everything I typed on a note automatically saved itself without me ever having to hit a "save" button.

    The text I created a while ago was several pages long and it contained very important data.

    As I was working on other documents my mouse "froze" so I then "forced quit" and restarted my computer. After doing that I found the document I had created on the "Address book" was gone. Completely gone as if it had never existed.

    My understanding is that a safety copy may be stored "somewhere" on my computer's hard drive. I'd appreciate it if I could get some help locating it as there is information in it of great value.


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    I need to retrieve lost document on "Address book"
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    Next time, please take a little time to be mindful of where to place your thread. Your thread has been placed in the appropriate forum

    Search first, post things in the right place, use descriptive thread titles, and don't crosspost. Those things will help get you more timely responses and help keep our community nice and tidy.
    Thanks for understanding.

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    My apologies. This is the first time I post on this forum.

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