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    Unhappy Stills not showing up (or showing up 'late') in iMovie playback
    (Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere; I looked but could not find)

    i5 MBP/OSX 10.6.4/iMovieHD 6.0.4

    My stills do not show during playback (but do show in preview if I stop playback when the playhead is on the 'block' that represents the still in the timeline).

    Occasionally, still will show *right after* the playhead passes the 'block' in the timeline that represents the still.

    Video/audio working fine.

    This is killing me, as I'm working on something with stills that are synchronized to music.

    I'm using JPGs; would another format help? Any application settings I should consider?

    Any advice would be very appreciated.


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    did you resolve your issue?
    xandnotx -

    did you ever find an answer? i'm having the exact same issue and it's driving me nuts. please do share if you figured it out, and thanks!

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