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    Mail keeps asking for password
    Hi all,
    There I was, happily running SL when all of a sudden, every time Mail wants to check the server for new mail, it asks me for the password. I duly enter the password, click on the "keychain remember" box, and it gets the mail. But next time it happens all over again.
    Anyone heard of this issue? I don't believe I changed anything at my end.
    Thanks and a Happy Xmas to all.


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    bump for answer. I'm having the same problem with mine.


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    Been looking at the forums via Apple's support website, and it seems there are many people with this issue. Apple, naturally, haven't acknowledged there is a bug, but there must be!
    Would like to think they fix this sooner rather than later.


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    Mail keeps asking for password
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    I had that issue with an Snow Leopard upgraded from 10.5. All I remember doing was open Keychain Access from Utilities and delete the entries for the Mail POP passwords and reopen mail and it worked since then. I can't remember the exact entries but I am sure you will find them.

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