Hi, I'm running Final Cut Pro 7.0.1 on 10.6.2. I'm from Portugal and I'm using a Portuguese numeric Apple keyboard. This is the same configuration I used on FCP 6 which worked fine. Ever since I bought Final Cut Studio (the newer suite with FCP7) the keyboard shortcuts are not working properly. I have address this problem to Apple care but since no solution has been provided till now, I am wondering if I can get help from other people.

The problem. Every time I launch FCP7, the spacebar and a couple of other keys, are not working as their default shortcut. So for example, loading a sequence to the Canvas or a clip to the Viewer and pressing the spacebar, does nothing. If I open the customise keyboard layout window, I can visually see that the spacebar is not assigned for Play.

One solution. Reset the keyboard layout, sometimes works and after doing that, I see the spacebar as assigned to Play and very other default shortcut works fine. Other times, after reseting, I have to load the default US keyboard layout for the shortcuts to work.

Another solution. Load the default US keyboard layout without opening the customise keyboard layout window. This normally works all the times. Now, I load the default US keyboard layout but due to key differences, I have to press some different keys than people with the US keyboard would; for example `(grave) or M sets a marker on the US keyboard whereas I would have < or M for the same task. But I load the default US layout and every thing is working fine.

The next problem. Now, US default layout loaded and working great. That is, until I quit FCP. When I launch FCP again, I have to go through loading the US layout again. It is not retained when I quit. So every time I launch FCP I have to manually load the default US layout in order for shortcuts to work properly. That's not very cool when you paid 1000 for your working tool

Another solution (or so I thought). Okay, even if I think this should be working well out of the box and I should not have to worry about going around this problem, I had to think of a solution not to be annoyed every time I have to work. So, I loaded the default US layout, made some changes and added some shortcuts that I like and saved the keyboard layout. Problem solved, I thought. Next time I launched FCP, guess what?! My customised layout was not the one that was set. The one that was set, was the same old faulty layout I've been dealing with rom the beginning. So I thought I was stuck to having to manually load a keyboard layout every time I launch FCP. Well, I read some good parts of the FCP manual. Also read FCP7 - Pro Video Editing (by Weynand, Peachpit Press). I never read anything specific on this but shouldn't the loaded keyboard layout be retained after quitting and relaunching FCP?

So now I'm about to quit solving this. I'm almost accepting the fact that I have to manually load a keyboard layout every time I launch FCP, which is every day. Any ideas or hints on how to solve this?